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Maintenance Request

Report a maintenance issue with our team easily. Please explain in as much detail the problem so we can despatch the right team to resolve your issue ASAP.Please note our maintenance coordinator's working hours are 09.30am – 18.00pm Monday – Friday. 


Repairs required at your home during a period of self-isolation 
If you or a member of your household are in self-isolation having developed symptoms of COVID-19, please follow the NHS guidelines for self isolation: 

To minimise risk to others you will need to ensure that only emergencies in your demise are reported. As you can appreciate we have a responsibility to the safety of our contractors as well as to our residents. We will address any issues that are not classified as an emergency as soon as possible post your confirmation that you or a member of your household are no longer self isolating. 
These are the scenarios we would classify as an emergency:
·       No cold, clean drinking water (having checked with the water supplier first that there is no a localised issue)  
·       A severe leak or burst pipe  
·       A leak from one flat into another that could damage fabric of building if left unattended  
·       A leak that is affecting the electrics  
·       Gas leak
If emergency repairs are required in your home you will need to confirm you can undertake the following steps:
·       All surfaces on the route a contractor would need to navigate will require thorough cleaning with disinfectant  
·       All door handles and touch points will need to be cleaned with disinfectant 
·       The property must be well ventilated with windows opened 
·       All occupiers will be required to house themselves in a separate room to the contractor undertaking work 
·       Individuals in the household must not approach the contractor 
·       Keys will be used to enter the property at an agreed time 

Before you report a Request 
If you have a maintenance issue that you need to report, please ensure that you have referred to the residents guide prior to reporting an issue. This guide may help you to identify what the issue may be and can offer you advise on how to resolve the problem. This will also prevent any unnecessary contractor call outs. Please note that any call outs that are found to be a tenants responsibility to maintain, will be charged back to the tenant accordingly. Please click the following link to read through the residents guide HERE.

To report a new Maintenance request to The Resident Services Team, please complete a request form by clicking “MAKE SUBMISSION”.
For Out of Hours Emergencies 
Out of hours assistance is available from 7pm to 7am daily. Please note, this service should only be contacted in the case of a real emergency that cannot wait until the next working day (i.e. Monday to Friday).  
Examples include:
  • Material damage to a property as a result of water, fire and other hazards 
  • The failure of central heating in winter where there is no separate hot water supply

Please note: Problems with domestic appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines or towel rails, wall sockets etc. are not considered to be an emergency. With the Drain pipes please check for hair that may be blocking the drain and always use a drain cleaner or a drain plunger 

Lightbulbs in apartments

All lightbulbs will be working in your apartment when you move in. It is then your responsibility and part of your tenancy agreement to ensure they are replaced when required. Please always check the fuse box to make sure it didn’t trip before your purchase.

Here are a couple of links for the specification of the bulbs used in the apartments. These bulbs are available from screw fix in Digbeth about ½ mile away or online such as Amazon. The bulbs must be LED as the lighting circuit in the apartments is rated for LED lighting only.  For the Living Area/Kitchen area

Bathroom lightbulb type: LAP GU10 LED lightbulb 345LM 5.2w (cool white, up to 25,000 hours life)

Kitchen and Living area lightbulb type: LAP GU10 LED lightbulb 230LM 3.1w or 255lm-3-5W (warm white, up to 25,000 hours life)

Bedroom lightbulbs type: GLS bulb 20W
Out of Hours Emergency Phone number – 07971 357804

Please be advised that if you have not followed the above steps, the contractors may charge you a call out fee of £30.
Kind Regards  
The Resident Services Team