Detection Equipment

Your flat is in a building designed to be fire-resisting. As such a fire should not spread from one flat to another, so that you need not leave your home if there is a fire elsewhere in the block. On that basis the fire procedure for your block is a stay put policy.

Your apartment is equipped with both smoke and heat detection alarms which are mains powered and complete with battery back-up. Smoke detectors are used throughout while heat detectors are installed in the kitchen/lounge areas. It is your responsibility to that all detection alarms are tested on a weekly basis utilising the test button on the unit and that the batteries are replaced on an annual basis.

Please refer to the instructions leaflet in the Appendix of the residents guide for details of how the detector functions and full clear instructions for maintenance of this important piece of equipment.  IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE. 

Sprinklers are of the automatic drop down type. Under normal conditions they are concealed within the ceiling only showing a white cap, as shown below. Once the sprinkler system is activated the heads drop down and saturate the area with water. Should you notice anything unusual about your sprinkler detector please let us know as soon as possible. It is important you do not tamper with the sprinklers. stigated, please use the stairs if required

Stay Safe, Stay put policy

Your safety is our highest priority and we continue to work in partnership with the Fire Service and independent fire safety experts to make sure we keep you safe.
If a fire starts in your apartment, get everyone out, close the door behind you and leave the building. If a fire starts in a communal area, leave the building using the safest route and call 999. If a fire starts in another apartment, stay put unless your flat is being affected by fire or smoke. Stay Safe and wait for a member of the fire fighter team for instructions. When you stay put, you reduce the risk of entering a smoky corridor unnecessarily and possibly being overwhelmed by smoke. Staying put also means firefighters can tackle the fire safely and quickly without being delayed by residents coming down the stairways.

Note: all lifts will be out of use until the alarm is fully investigated, please use the stairs if required