Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire for the Wellness Centre

In order to access our wellness centre all residents must confirm acceptance of the wellness centre rules and also complete the pre-activity readiness questionnaire form

Wellness Centre Rules

For your wellbeing the Wellness Centre, within Allegro Hub is complimentary for all resident's exclusive use. With an array of top of the range Technogym equipment over a huge area it will offer you a chance to work out or wind down.

The landlord and managing agents of Allegro, Exchange Square have issued the following rules governing the use of the wellness Centre. The landlord and the managing agents may, in their discretion, modify or amend these rules at any time and from time to time depending on extenuating circumstances. 
  1. No person is permitted to use the wellness suite and its equipment unless such person is a legal resident of the building or a guest of a legal resident of the building. Any guest must be accompanied by the legal resident of the building. Management reserve the right to ask any wellness suite user which property they reside in and to show their Fob as proof of residency.
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure you are medically fit before using the Wellness Centre.
  3. All residents wishing to use the wellness Centre must first sign and deliver a copy of the Wellness Centre rules to the reception and complete a Pre-Assessment Readiness Questionnaire, where then your access card will be programmed to open the Wellness Centre. Any resident who is found using the Wellness Centre without having signed the rules will not be able to apply for access to the wellness Centre for 1 calendar month.
  4. All residents use the wellness Centre solely at their own risk and responsibility.
  5. All persons who use the Wellness Centre must have appropriate clothing and footwear to use the machinery provided. Management reserve the right to ask any resident to leave the wellness centre should they be found not be adequately dressed. There shall be no changing facilities provided and residents are not able to change in the wellness centre or in any communal building areas. 
  6. All the equipment shall be used in the manner such equipment is intended to be used. Management do not accept responsibly for any accident due to misuse of equipment. 
  7. Any damage to the Wellness Centre or its equipment caused by the acts or omissions of a resident or such resident's guest shall be repaired or replaced by the management at the sole cost and expense of such resident.
  8. The wellness Centre may be used between the hours of (6am – 10pm). Please note however these times are subject to change at management discretion at any time, but we will of course inform all residents of any changes. Any resident found using the suite past these hours will have their access revoked.
  9. No resident under the age of 16 is permitted in the gym without being accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.
  10. No equipment may be removed from the Wellness Centre. Any equipment that is removed from the Wellness Centre will be charged back at full cost to the resident whom it was removed by.
  11. Residents using any equipment must bring a towel with them and wipe down any apparatus after each use. There will be cleaning equipment provided.
  12. There is a 30-minute limit on equipment usage if someone is waiting to use such equipment.
  13. The wellness Centre may not be used as a place of business.
  14. All residents whom wish to listen to music need to use headphones, no loud playing portable devices will be allowed in the wellness suite. This includes the use of mobile phones, which must be placed on silent when in the Wellness Centre.
  15. No smoking, spitting or consumption of food or alcohol is permitted in the Wellness Centre.
  16. Never exercise after drinking alcohol.
  17. All residents must always be respectful and courteous of others.
  18. Before leaving the Wellness Centre, residents must place any rubbish in the rubbish bin provided and run off any equipment that has been set on a programme. Please leave the area as you would like to find it yourself when you next enter the wellness suite.
  19. The management company is not responsible for any personal equipment used or left in the Wellness Centre.
  20. If a resident notices any issues or problems with any of the equipment, other resident behaviour or the wellness suite itself, the resident must report this to the reception or management staff as soon as possible.


The undersigned acknowledges that he or she has been granted access to the Allegro Wellness Centre which is located in the Hub at Exchange Square, Birmingham.
Please read the below and above Wellness Centre rules and do not sign unless you wish to be bound by them.

By signing below, the undersigned agrees to abide by the Wellness Centre rules applicable to the use of the wellness Centre at the building and the equipment located therein. The undersigned also hereby agrees, to the greatest extent permitted by law, to release, defend, indemnify, and hold the landlord harmless from any and all liability, loss, damage and expense (including, without limitation, fees, disbursements and court costs) arising from, or related to, any injury to person or damage to property occasioned by the failure of the undersigned or anyone to whom the undersigned grants or permits access to the gym (each, a “user”) to comply with any of the wellness Centre rules (as the same may be amended or modified from time to time) or due  wholly or in part to any act, omission or negligence on the part of the undersigned or any such user

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few Tips and Tricks that will help you to use the Wellness Centre:
  • Always bring a towel with you when you train
  • Stay well hydrated and bring your own drink bottle
  • Remember to wipe down the machines before and after use.
  • Always wear appropriate Gym attire.
  • Always consider your own personal safety – Never use broken or faulty equipment. If you find something wrong, report this to the accommodation team.  
  • Warm up and Warm down before and after physical activity.
  • Please ensure all equipment is stored away after use
  • Bring a mobile phone with you while you train in case you need to call for assistance.
  • Our Wellness centre is unmanned, so it is always best to ‘train in pairs or with a friend’.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are medically fit before using the Wellness Centre.
  • Reminder in an emergency, call 999!