WIFI Broadband Providers

Broadband (WIFI) and telephone connections can be arranged through one of 6 providers as shown below.
Dear residents, 
Below are our recommended choice of Residential Service providers within the area 
The open access infrastructure at our site is maintained and operated by Open Fibre Networks (OFNL) who specialise in full fibre services. 
Our pure fibre infrastructure provides the ultimate telecommunications experience with end to end fibre optic cables, right into your home. OFNL's infrastructure out performs fibre to the cabinet and copper networks, allowing for a more reliable and faster connection right into your property.
Fibre enables you to enjoy the very best in entertainment including ultra fast fibre broadband, crystal clear telephony and next generation digital TV. You can receive up to 360Mbps to your home. 
Fibre to the home is revolutionary concept which is still in its infancy in an ever evolving market. OFNL currently have six service providers connected to its network which are able to deliver broadband in your area. 
Broadband Prices start from £25 per month - Please see their websites or call them directly for full information on their deals, prices, products and terms and conditions. 
Please note: The living room and bedrooms are fitted with multi outlet points which enable the connection of televisions to either standard digital TV or satellite TV broadcasts. The standard digital TV service is free although a TV licence will be required in order to use the service. To receive Freeview TV, simply plug in and tune your TV. Register yourself on TV Licence here.  If there is any issues you can contact your internet service provider who will instruct an engineer to ensure the cabling is connected correctly. 
Also, there are no phone lines at Allegro, residents would need call a broadband provider to install one/ order one. 
Satellite Sky Q is available in your apartment at an additional cost. You can contact Sky on 0800 151 2747. When you sign up for services with Sky and you want to order Sky Q, please remind Sky that you are on a communal site, and the Sky engineer needs to swap the existing GTU, to a “dSCR GTU”. Your internet service provider will not do this. 
We hope that helps. 
For all the latest information please visit Open Fibre Networks Limited 

Love your Broadband

*Prices quoted prices quoted are on a monthly direct debit basis. Service is subject to availability. Upfront payments may be required. Non-standard set-up may cost extra. 12 month minimum subscription. Prices for Direct Debit payments only. Further terms apply. Correct at 03 December 2015. Love Digital TV Ltd t/a Love Your Broadband Registered No – 04442127
Phone: 020 8760 7669 Email: info@loveyourbroadband.co.uk

Direct Save

All tariffs and packages are backed with UK based broadband support and customer service. Compare us against the rest of the broadband market.
...genuine savings beyond the headlines...
Contact: 0808 252 9717 

VFast Internet

We love our superfast fibre packages, and we think you will too 
  • Great value line rental 
  • Cheap calling charges 
  • Up to 300Mb/s download 
  • Unlimited monthly usage

Phone: 01227 668901 Email: sales@vfast.co.uk 

Pure Broadband

The brainchild of a couple of Hull-based IT professionals, purebroadband was born from a desire to provide an alternative broadband supplier in the Hull area.
We deliver fast, reliable and cost-effective broadband solutions for our customers, and we’ve been doing so since 2009. Each day we’re expanding our coverage and reaching new areas - our services now spread even further than just Hull.
Phone: 01482 778838 Email: sales@purebroadband.net


Seethelight offer broadband only products in superfast speeds of 60Mbps and 120Mbps, and ultrafast 360Mbps. 
Perfect for those of you who don't want a telephone line!
Phone: 0800 331 7638 


We are technology people driven by technology intricacies and eager to reflect in all our offerings the vogue in technology. We started our journey into telephone business in 1998 as information technology company venturing into cheap international calling cards. Ever since then we have grown to be one of the telecommunication companies of note in the UK. 
Today we provide a one stop shop for all your telecommunication needs. We can now offer you full menu of telephony and broadband services including; PBX systems, ADSL broadband, FIBRE, PSTN, VOIP, Mobile telephony etc. 
email: admin@breeztel.com Phone: 020 3011 1223