Picnic Month

When the cold winds are a distant memory, and the sun is shining brightly in the summer sky, that is when we plan to celebrate National Picnic Month, in July. What better way to welcome the summer than with a basket full of goodies, some cool drinks, and the fresh outdoor air? National Picnic Month was founded to celebrate the history of this activity and the way it brings people, cultures, and even countries together.

The Ultimate Guide to Picnicking

Planning a picnic is more than just dragging outdoors the food you’d already be cooking. Throwing a great picnic is the result of a few factors: the setting, the weather (obviously), and the ease of serving and assembly (grilling marinated chicken skewers or portobello mushroom caps on coals is one thing; assembling and cooking panini on site, in a cast iron skillet precariously perched on cinderblocks over a fire, is another).

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming—and that gingham blanket that’s been sitting in the back of the closet all winter is ready to make its much-anticipated return. That means, it’s time for a picnic! Outdoor meals require little planning and can be as simple or as elegant as you’d like. Start with these picnic-ready recipes that are easy to pack in a basket. Club Roll-Ups Club Roll-Ups Packed with meat, cheese and olives, these roll-ups are always a hit at parties.

The Joy Of Picnicing

Nothing says summer like picnics, whether it’s a simple tabletop spread in the neighborhood park, a gourmet basket in a meadow, or a blanket by the seaside at sunset. Sumptuous or simple? It really doesn’t matter—outdoor meals of all kinds are wonderful because they pair two of some of the best things in life: food and nature.
We’ve consulted the pros to gather together absolutely everything you need to know in order to plan, source and host a picnic—and incorporate outdoor dining into your summer living style.