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Rawmusclebuilding is for the people that want to learn more about what their abilities are when it comes to exercise and in combination with Boxing as a martial art. 
Rawmusclebuilding started with the intention to help society to become fitter and also more active in their workout sessions. 
Combining a physical workout with martial arts gives a holistic package that gives 360degrees of knowledge in both physical and mental wellbeing.
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My History

I have 8 years of experience in and out of the ring teaching and fighting in and out of Scandinavia. 
I have had 100+ students outside superprof in the gym. I will be bringing drilling to the top level with really hard workouts using jumping ropes pads and Gloves for the bag. With that comes the motivational push for a Warrior mode in the ring.
Resistance exercise in combination with Boxing and stretching.
Both during and after workouts, muscles respond to exercise in a variety of ways. 
Muscle strength, speed, power, and endurance all improve with exercise.
Resistance Exercise is the first step in transforming your muscles. 
The process of muscular hypertrophy, or muscle development, is initiated when this resistance is stronger than what your body experiences during the day. Intense exercise generates Trauma to muscle fibers, resulting in minute microscopic rips in the tissue. The extent and severity of a tear are determined by the amount of activity performed. 
Special satellite cells rush to the injured location when a tear in the muscle tissue occurs. 
These cells divide, develop into mature cells, and unite with the fibers of your muscles. 
This process generates new muscle protein strands, resulting in increased muscular strength and size. Regularly exercising a particular muscle might result in a 60 percent increase in size. 
Some sports focus more on coordination and control than on physical strength and power, thus not all activities can help you gain muscle mass.
As a result of long-term exercise, blood circulation to the muscle improves, which leads to enhanced muscular coordination. 
The supply of numerous nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to the muscles is improved as a result of this. 
As a result, they are more effective and efficient at regenerating after an injury or an exercise. 
Muscles can store a considerable amount of glycogen for energy after frequent exercise, and the size and quantity of mitochondria (the cell's powerhouse) increase in muscle cells, resulting in a faster rate of energy generation. 
When you are active, both fat and sugar enzymes involved in energy generation become more effective, which speeds up metabolism. If you are sedentary, the muscle becomes less able to absorb glucose. 
It's also less effective in burning fats that might build up in the arteries. Our muscles have developed to work in this manner, increasing our risk of stroke and heart disease, implying that humans were designed to be active and on their feet.

Work out sessions

Boxing and all-around martial arts and self-defense teacher, and a champion in the arts of Boxing with more than 8years in and out of the ring. location is in Birmingham. 
* Combination workouts * Coordination exercises * Self-defense exercises * Basic & intermediate boxing
Training time ranges from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on intensity. 
I am a results-oriented person.....Results, Results, Results! 
My lectures were mostly motivated by world heavyweight champions and I have had the privilege for many years to have been trained by Former champions' coach, who was set to even face Mike Tyson.
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Email: ahmed.ibrahim1204@gmail.com Address: BirminghamFacebook: rawmusclebuilding