Guest Suite

Here at Allegro, we want our resident’s friends and family to be comfortable to and enjoy the building when they come and visit. We have a designated two bedroom apartment which is available to rent by our residents only, for friends and family to stay in should there not be enough room for them all in your own home.


The apartment will have all the necessary items that your friends and family will need for a comfortable stay, which does include linen and towels as well as a TV and an internet connection. You can rent the apartment for a minimum of 2 nights, and a maximum of 6 nights in any one booking. If you wish to rent for a longer term than 6 nights, please come and speak to the team directly on site. Prices are calculated based on the length of stay and the guest suite starts from £60 per night. Please note that residents remain responsible for their guests at all times and the management reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time should any disturbances or nuisance be reported. This is for friends and family only and not sub-letting in any form.