Resident Printer

Print your documents anytime with our 24/7 resident printer, copier and scanner


A multi-function copier/scanner/printer is available in for residents and guests to use. To use this service simply place your order below and you will be emailed your secure PIN code to use to access the printer. Currently you can print from any device by emailing your document to print or uploading it to our web portal.

Only residents who have registered to use the printer will be able to use this device, so please ensure to place your order below so you can be set up.


Create Account

Place your order to be set up so you can use the multifunctional printing machine at One Eighty Stratford. Once your order is placed our team will contact you within 24 hours with you personal 4-digit Pin code for the machine. Each time you print or want to use the machine you will be asked for this and your credit will be charged. If you are registering for the first time you will be issued with £10 credit when placing your order.


How do I get access to the printer?
Simply place your order for printing credits (£10) and your account will be activated within 24 hours. Your order will be confirmed and you will be emailed your Printer 4-digit Access Code. Each time you want to collect your printing from the device or photocopy/scan you will be asked to enter this Pin Code. Please note the default setting is for the photocopier and printer to recognise the document and if it is B&W it will print in B&W if it is colour it will print in colour.

What does it cost to print?
  • A4 Black & White printing (per sheet printed): £0.05
  • A4 Color printing (per sheet printed): £0.20
  • A3 Black & White printing (per sheet printed): £0.10
  • A3 Color printing (per sheet printed): £0.40

What does it cost to Photocopy?
  • A4 Black & White copying (per sheet printed): £0.05
  • A4 Color copying (per sheet printed): £0.20
  • A3 Black & White copying (per sheet printed): £0.10
  • A3 Color copying (per sheet printed): £0.40