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Brighten up your space this month with Houseplants. Discover the benefits to having houseplants, the best ones to buy, 2024 trends and where you can find the best plants in Birmingham so you can transform your space today!

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Best Plants to Bring Nature Inside

Houseplant trends for 2024 - the plants, pots and placements that designers love and we're ready to buy into

Like everything there are trends in houseplants. From cacti and succulents to kokedama, certain species and display techniques gain more traction that others. And as much as we think all foliage is fabulous, certain looks take off, while others start to wain after a while.
Whether it's the method of display, the style of planter or the plant itself. Today's indoor garden terrariums will eventually become tomorrow's thrift shop drop offs - or worse, trash. So what are the current houseplant trends? And how can we stay ahead of them, without turning foliage and fronds into fast fashion?
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