Allegro Living Pet Policy

Are you thinking about having a pet?

The Landlord gives his consent providing the Tenant Agrees and Accepts:
  • They will supply their veterinary contact details to the Landlord or Agent prior to tenancy commencement.  
  • A satisfactory pet reference is received by the Landlord and the Landlord provides their written approval for the pet to live in the Property.  
  • They will abide by the terms contained within the Allegro Pet Policy provided to them by the Landlord or Agent. 
  • They will take all Reasonable steps not to allow the pet to cause nuisance to the neighbouring Properties.  
  • If nuisance is reported the Tenant will take Reasonable steps such as keeping the pet inside the Property to avoid disturbing the quiet enjoyment of their neighbours.   
  • If nuisance continues the Landlord may withdraw their consent as long as they’ve given four weeks written notice or if in the event of an emergency for example any harm to any persons, the Tenant must immediately remove the pet from the Property. 
  • They will take all necessary steps to keep the Property free of fleas and ticks throughout the Tenancy.  
  • Return the Property and Fixtures and Fittings to the same standard of cleanliness and condition as recorded at the start of the Tenancy.  This includes making any repairs, replacements and doing any re-decoration and clearing-up (including soft furnishings, carpets, flooring, outside spaces) and fumigation resulting from the animal.  Any animal damage would not be considered Fair Wear and Tear.  
  • They will be held liable for up to and including six weeks after the end of the Tenancy in case an issue becomes apparent after they move-out, such as an infestation of fleas. 
  • Any dog waste left in communal areas. It is the responsibly of the dog owner to clear any mess/waste left within all areas. 

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Pet Application

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